Monday, November 02, 2015

10 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- i had to go on a business trip this month, and even though the business trip was last minute, Thomas was able to take off work and come with me! so that definitely redeemed the trip & we were able to turn it into a mini-vacation! we both went to Cleveland the last time i had a business trip, but that was in January so it was a winter wonderland up there. this time, it was still cold but there was no snow, so it was fun to explore what was covered in snow last time!

- i wait all year long for fall weather & i am so glad it is finally here! although we were kinda cheated out of our weekends this month! our first 2 weekends were rainy and miserable, then the third weekend we were on the road for my business trip. speaking of rain, it rained in SC for about two weeks straight. i'm sure you heard about all of the flooding.. please continue to pray for all of the families and cities affected by this! 

- i've been wanting to go hiking for a while & we finally got to go hiking this month! i'm hot natured, so being outside in SC between the months of May and September can be pretty miserable. now that the weather has cooled down i've been dying to go hiking. the wilderness must be explored so i'm glad we finally made it to the great outdoors! ;)

October 2 - birthday get-together with Thomas's family
October 3 - date day to see War Room
October 16-21 - business trip to Ohio
October 24 - sunset on a mountain in Hendersonville, NC
October 25 - we drove up to Jumping Off Rock
October 29 - coffee date downtown
October 31 - hiking @ Moore Cove Falls

- bunnies with pumpkins

- our October passport to fun date was a visit to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest! ;)
- we made these delicious & healthy sweet potato & banana waffles!
- we had a fun autumn date picking out pumpkins, taking hay rides, and doing a corn maze!
- i shared my you are lovely post from Amy's wonderful series.
- i went on the Renew blog retreat and had an absolute blast in the mountains with some fun ladies!
- i thought about what it means to view the big picture in life & how we need other people.

what are your highlights from this month?

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