Tuesday, November 17, 2015

a bunny named Finn

this past weekend, we added another bunny to our family! ever since the first time i laid eyes on a holland lop, i've thought they were super adorable. and it worked out that we were able to get one, so i jumped at the chance!

it all started when Thomas brought up that he'd like to keep Albus the bunny outside. i don't really like the idea, but it would no doubt make things a lot easier, so i agreed on the condition that Albus could get a friend. and Thomas obliged.

so, we researched how to bond rabbits, and then we started looking around for holland lop breeders. we found one in North Carolina and started the journey to Finn becoming our newest pet!

he is a blue eyed white holland lop and i just think it's so cool that some rabbits have blue eyes! they are super pretty with his white coat and he is just so cute with his lop ears and smooshed face. he was 8 weeks old when we got him and he is so tiny!

it worked out really well that we were able to get him this weekend because i'm off work this week and will be able to spend lots of time with him! we had a really fun weekend hanging out and getting cute pictures of him! and i'm even taking him to meet my coworkers one day this week. 

we named our first bunny after Harry Potter characters, so we decided we'd keep that same tradition. we decided on Finnigan Hedwig as his full name. Finnigan comes from Seamus Finnigan, and Hedwig is Harry's snowy owl. we will call him Finn for short! :)

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