Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Cleveland, Canton, and Canal Fulton

in October my company sent me up to our Ohio office for a business trip. i found out about it a week before i had to go, so it was kinda last minute but Thomas was able to take off work and come with me! so, we went up the weekend before and had a mini-vacation of sorts. 

it had been in the 80s still in SC, so i was all excited for amazing fall weather like when i went up there 2 years ago.... but it ended up being in the 30s during the weekend! it actually sleeted a little bit while we were driving up to Cleveland, so there's that. but it was still a welcome break from the hot weather! the leaves were really pretty on the trees & it did warm up to the 60s so we had great weather during the week. 

i was thinking about all of the places we went and realized that Ohio must be obsessed with C's or something. we drove up friday night and stayed in Cincinnati, then passed through Columbus on our way to Cleveland on Saturday. my office is in Canton so we stayed there during the week, and drove over to Canal Fulton one night. we did end up driving through Akron too just to visit at least one city without a C name! ;)

while we were in Cleveland, we went to this outdoor shopping center called Crocker Park and it is just the cutest thing! it even has wizard chess outside that you can play! we also visited the James Garfield memorial which you can go to the top of and see an awesome view of the city. so that was really neat! in the same cemetery there's a chapel that is filled with Tiffany glass so we saw that also! and since we were in Cleveland, we drove by the A Christmas Story house!

there's a lot of cool little shops near the office in Canton, but not much to see in the city itself. we did drive by the Football Hall of Fame while we were there though. i guess that is Canton's claim to fame! Canal Fulton is a little town next to Canton that is along the Ohio and Erie canal so we drove there to walk around one night. it's just a small little town and there is even a tea room there called The Dragonfly so i felt like i was in Stars Hollow for a moment. it was magical! :)

have you ever visited Ohio? what's your favorite part of the state?

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