Wednesday, November 18, 2015

the circle | thanksgiving acrostic poem

remember back in elementary school when the cafeteria served pizza? it was always the best day of the week! but if you think about it, when we were kids... pizza days were just given to us & we didn't really have any say in it. now that we're older, we are able to create our own "pizza days" that can be the best day of our week! and that's pretty cool too! or maybe that's just me trying to convince myself that i don't miss being a kid!

and do you also remember acrostic poems from elementary school? where you use each letter of a word to begin a line of a poem? well, that is Kiki's prompt for The Circle this month and i just think it is so fun! i have always loved cute little poems & kinda wish i got to spend all day doing fun stuff like this again! so, here's to creating my own "pizza day" & having child-like fun again! 

Thomas comes to mind first when i think about what i'm thankful for
Having family and friends to go through life with.
An ability to make pretty things and craft words together.
New experiences and adventures.
Knowing how amazing chai tea lattes taste. ;)
Furry little animals, especially our basset, our elder rabbit, and our baby holland lop Finn
Unconditional love from God who showers us with grace upon grace.
Little things in life like lazy mornings, cuddles, and a good cup of coffee.

so tell me, what are you most thankful for?

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