Monday, November 23, 2015

the great lake erie

the cool thing about my business trip from last month is that the office is only an hour drive from Lake Erie! i mean Cleveland is cool and all, but the real reason we drove up there was to see the lake! it's the only Great Lake i've ever seen, and Thomas had only seen it in the snow so it was cool to be up there without snow on the ground! (although it was 32 degrees and super windy!)

we went to a few different places on the lake while we were up there. we made it the first night just in time for the sunset at Huntington Beach. the next morning we went back to Huntington Beach to get some pictures and there was a guy and his dog playing frisbee out on the beach. i love Huntington Beach because there's a really cool view of the city in the background! 

Thomas found this other place on the way into Cleveland called Edgewater park where we stopped to watch the waves crash against the rocks and hang out with the seagulls. there were tons of seagulls just flying around in the sun and over the city scape. it was kinda dreamy and tons of fun for this animal lover! 

how many of the Great Lakes have you seen?

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