Thursday, November 12, 2015

writing | on waiting

Chelsea over at The Girl Who Loved to Write does a post series called just write, where she writes short little rhyming poems that just flow so perfectly. i love when she posts a new one because poems just make my heart so happy. seriously, the other day i was just reading back through her entire series and wished i could comment the heart eyed emoji on every single one. so it inspired me to try my hand at my own poems! i may post these periodically whenever inspiration strikes! :)


you spend your whole life waiting
but for what, you do not know
what you're waiting for constantly changes
like the seasons, sunshine to snow

you can never appreciate the moment
because of the longing deep inside
and so you spend your time waiting
as life quickly passes by

as one dream comes to fruition
a new one is birthed that same day
so you start to chase after this next dream
yes, you're already on your way

you don't even realize that you're missing
the sweet slow time in between
somehow you have it in your head
that you must always be chasing the unseen

but what if you just took some time
to reflect on & appreciate all that you had
what if you stopped longing for the next big thing
and realized life right here, right now isn't all that bad

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