Wednesday, December 02, 2015

11 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- on November 6 we were supposed to drive up to Indiana for my friend's wedding. however, Thomas got in a wreck on the way home from work that day, so we weren't able to make it to the wedding. thankfully Thomas & everyone else involved in the wreck were fine! unfortunately our car was totaled though, which is sad because it was the first car we bought together. but it's just a car, and i'm glad that Thomas is okay!

- we got a new bunny named Finn! he's a white holland lop with blue eyes and is super cute! we got him at 8 weeks old so he is still small right now. we stayed true to our harry potter naming convention and his full name is Finnigan Hedwig (taken from Seamus Finnigan and Hedwig the owl) and we call him Finn for short. we really wanted Albie to have a friend, so eventually they will share a cage, once they are bonded.

- for the first time in a year & a half, i had an entire week off of work! the week off was very therapeutic for my brain and body! Thomas had to work the first half of the week so i hung around the house crafting, wrapping Christmas gifts, and playing with our new bunny! #introvertlife then Thomas joined me & we took a day trip to Columbia friday, and then worked on things around the house over the weekend!

November 2 - our basset had surgery to remove a weird mass on her foot
November 6 - Thomas's car wreck
November 13 - Finn the holland lop joined our family
November 16 - lunch with my friend Samantha on my day off!
November 20 - day trip to Columbia
November 22 - family get together for my grandma's birthday
November 26 - Thanksgiving with my family
November 27 - Thanksgiving with Thomas's family
November 28 - we made a pallet Christmas tree

- a basset burrito
- a day at the Christmas tree farm (#redcupcontest submission)
- a slow Christmas morning (#redcupcontest submission)
- our blue-eyed bunny
- Christmas crafting
- nephews & bunnies
- family photos
- woodburning our own ornaments

- we went to Moscow, Russia for our passport to fun date
- we took a yurting trip over Halloween weekend & it snowed
- i swapped blogs with Jessa to do a guest post on the 7 arrows of Bible reading
- even though we were having a tough year, we knew there is always something to be thankful for

what are your highlights from this month?

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