Monday, December 28, 2015

a DIY Christmas

i put on my 30x30 list that i wanted to make all of our Christmas gifts one year. ever since i wrote that on the list i've been dreaming up ideas. we decided to tackle that this year & it was so much fun putting that personal touch on the gifts. we wanted to stick to our budget, but also give people good gifts so we bought 1/2 of each gift, and added a handmade element to go along with it. 

for the women i knew i wanted to do something that involved a mason jar because i just love giving jars filled with things as gifts. i debated for a long time on whether i wanted to do bath salts or Meg's vanilla sugar scrub recipe. in the end, i decided to just do both because i couldn't decide! ;) i even got brave and played around with coloring the bath salts purple. i think they came out more awesome than i imagined in my head & it was so fun to make these!

last Christmas i made a fabric flower wreath after seeing Lauren's cute DIY wreath she made. i absolutely love our wreath & we leave it up year round hanging in our living room because we don't use our front door. i decided to make mini wreaths for my mom & sister because believe it or not making those fabric flowers is kind of addicting! and i thought the small wreaths would be something fun to use as an indoor decoration!

for the men it was a little more tricky to come up with something. a lot of DIY handmade stuff is really geared towards women, at least the affordable ones. ;) but Thomas and i brainstormed and thought it would be cool to make personalized coasters. also it went perfect with the Stanley mugs we got for some of them. i have a woodburning tool from my Darby Smart DIY box and i've been itching to use it again so i had a lot of fun making these coasters! (i also made one for Thomas as a surprise, because he loved the way they came out. so i made him one in secret & stuck it under the tree for him!) plus i think they look pretty manly since we stained them, right?! 

in fact, i had so much fun making the coasters, i made some for my mom-in-law and sis-in-law as well! we got them both a coffee mug as part of their gift, so the coasters fit well with their gift too. plus, since i made the wreaths for my mom & sister, i wanted to make a 2nd thing for each of them also. i got a different cut of wood for their coasters that looked a bit more girly, and i think they came out looking pretty awesome too!

my parents gave us the idea of giving updated pictures to my grandma's for Christmas. my grandma on my dad's side is in a nursing home paralyzed on her left side from a stroke. since she can't really move from the bed we thought it would be cool to give her a picture that can hang on her wall. then, that idea developed into making a calendar full of different family pictures for the entire year! so, on Thanksgiving i took different pictures of people in the family & we made a 2016 calendar for her!
this is the front of the calendar with our chalkboard gift tags we made for everyone's gift!

and we actually had extra chances to make some DIY Christmas decorations this year, because Thomas's mom planned crafts for our Thanksgiving get together. we made our pallet Christmas tree i shared earlier, but we also made some woodburned wood slice decorations and hand-drawn ornaments! i love having unique Christmas decorations that we put time and energy into making. plus, i love that they are simple because it fits with our low-key decor!

do you normally make or buy Christmas gifts?
do you have any handmade Christmas decorations around your house?

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