Wednesday, January 27, 2016

a South Carolina snow day

it's not often that it snows in South Carolina, most of the time we get a bit of snow but mostly ice. which make the curvy mountain roads where i live wonderful to traverse. :) but this winter has started off right because we got a wonderful 7 inches of snow this past weekend & hardly any ice! that first picture is my backyard which is the most beautiful thing when it snows. i love the barns any time of the year but those red barns contrasted with the white snow... breathtaking! 

it is so crazy because my parents live about 45 minutes south of me and got just a dusting of snow. my work is about 30 minutes south of me and they got maybe 2 inches, then where we live in the foothills of the mountains got a winter wonderland! it is so weird that we can live that close & have such different weather conditions! there were about 10,000 homes that lost power in our county and for once it wasn't us! normally we lose power so actually having power & awesome snow made this snow weekend so much fun!

on friday Thomas got a snow day, but i had to work from home. it stinks because i never get snow days since we have the ability to work from home... but i still manage to have some fun during my lunch break! :) we made hot chocolate in these adorable SC mugs from Mast General and loaded them up with marshmallows! i'm normally not a hot chocolate person... unless there's snow on the ground. somehow it makes it more magical!

on Saturday we had all day to play so we took our pets out & even had fun with our Harry Potter Pops and our mini people! our basset hound loved the snow and just ran around playing in it everytime we let her out! the bunnies weren't super sure of it so we only had them out there for a short time. it was Finn's first snow and i think he liked exploring! Albie got to experience "snow" last year... but really it was just ice, so in a way it was Albie's first snow too!

we were going to build a snowman, but the snow was so fluffy it was hard to pack, so we just ended up throwing snow at each other instead... and that was much more fun! then i spent an hour just walking around the yard in the snow because i love the crunch and the stillness of it! we spent time capturing little details around the yard & then we came back inside to enjoy some more hot chocolate! :)

what's your favorite way to spend a snow day?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

perfection + why it's a lie

i once heard someone say "a crumpled up piece of paper can never be perfect again" - i think it was during a talk on abstinence, but i think a lot of people think that way about life. but here's the thing... we were not meant to be perfect (this side of heaven). perfect means that we are independent and in need of no one. perfect means we've got this.

those crumples, stains, pen marks, and rips... they are evidence of growth. they show us that we need the Lord. they show us that we need each other. they're uniquely beautiful and way better than perfection anyhow.

those stains, they show the strength it took to get back up again. those rips show the broken parts, but also the mending. those pen marks show intention and life. those crumples show healing. the earth needs the sun. the gardens need the rain. and we need our broken pieces.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

life is in the details

they say that there are detail-oriented people and big picture people. (i don't know who "they" is, but they sure say a lot) if you think about it, we need both kinds of people, and both kinds of people need each other. the details don't make sense without a big picture, and the big picture cannot exist without the details

details really tell us so much. they tell us something that we may not see at first glance. a lot of details only become apparent after intense focus. or they continue to be unfolded overtime if you keep coming back to something again & again.

i've been really loving capturing the small details lately. instead of trying to fit everything into a picture, i zoom in on a smaller piece to capture. this has overflowed into the rest of my life and has helped me focus in on the smaller details of situations. 

one of my favorite things is a picture that focuses in on one small thing, but you can see bigger details blurred out in the back. it just says so much and i think it is a good analogy for life. it's good to focus on the details, but it's good to keep the big picture in the back of your mind as well. because the big picture should guide your focus.

it's okay to be a big picture person. and it's okay to be a detail-oriented person. and ya know what? it's okay to be a little bit of both. there's no wrong way to eat a Reese's.

*these random thoughts are in no way sponsored by Hershey's, the Reese's quote just seemed to fit :)

Monday, January 04, 2016

12 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

whew. december is always such a busy month. i mean, when you go into a month and just looking at your calendar makes you feel know you're in for it! but luckily it's all good things! and i hope you all had time during the month to reflect on Christ and enjoy time with your family & friends!

- this year i paired the Naptime Diaries advent devotional (a short read) with Russ Ramsey's Behold the Lamb advent narrative (a longer read) that Thomas & i did together. one of our traditions each year is listening to Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb tour while we decorate and drive around looking at lights, and this narrative is a companion of sorts so we were excited to go through it.

- we decided to do a handmade element to all of our gifts this year, so December meant finishing up the last touches on those. it was fun to spend time making our gifts & creating together! 

- along with the handmade Christmas gifts, we also made our own pallet tree this year! our theme last year was a #lowkeyChristmas and i think we are going to stick with that theme from now on! so this year we made our own Christmas tree from an old pallet, and i love how unique it is to us & our traditions! next year i may even make an ornament rack out of an old window so we can display some of our favorite ornaments if we choose not to do a tree next year as well! 

December 5 - Christmas parade downtown
December 6 - "love gives" store at church
December 8 - dinner with Jenna
December 11 - Christmas Choral with the Blacks
December 12-15 - sick with strep
December 17 - my work's Christmas dinner & last day working downtown (sad!)
December 18 - Star Wars Episode VII with my family (yes, Star Wars is a family affair!)
December 19-20 - Christmas at my grandma's in Aiken
December 24 - Christmas with my family
December 25 - Christmas with Thomas's family, Christmas with Thomas's grandparents
& our 2nd annual Chinese food on Christmas tradition
December 27 - Christmas with my grandma, aunt & uncle

- twinkle lights + advent devotional
- our pallet Christmas tree
- Christmas at the park
- our basset enjoying the tree + lights
- lunch buddies with Thomas
- exploring trains with the nephew
- hanging out with the ducks one last time
- matching gift bags
- Christmas bunny in a sleigh
- i officially became a Weasley
- chinese food on Christmas
- DIY Christmas gifts
- the cutest bunny in the world

- our passport to fun adventure was to Beijing, China & we created our Chinese dinner Christmas tradition
- i shared our strategy of getting Christmas shopping done early
- i made holiday tea lights for my coworkers for Christmas
- we made some penguins out of marshmallows... at least they kinda look like penguins!
- we decided we would do a #lowkeyChristmas and that may be a tradition because it stuck for this year too!
- i was finally able to share my project gratitude journal that i gave to Thomas for Christmas
- i wrote a poem of the first Christmas from Mary's point of view

what are your highlights from this month?