Monday, January 04, 2016

12 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

whew. december is always such a busy month. i mean, when you go into a month and just looking at your calendar makes you feel know you're in for it! but luckily it's all good things! and i hope you all had time during the month to reflect on Christ and enjoy time with your family & friends!

- this year i paired the Naptime Diaries advent devotional (a short read) with Russ Ramsey's Behold the Lamb advent narrative (a longer read) that Thomas & i did together. one of our traditions each year is listening to Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb tour while we decorate and drive around looking at lights, and this narrative is a companion of sorts so we were excited to go through it.

- we decided to do a handmade element to all of our gifts this year, so December meant finishing up the last touches on those. it was fun to spend time making our gifts & creating together! 

- along with the handmade Christmas gifts, we also made our own pallet tree this year! our theme last year was a #lowkeyChristmas and i think we are going to stick with that theme from now on! so this year we made our own Christmas tree from an old pallet, and i love how unique it is to us & our traditions! next year i may even make an ornament rack out of an old window so we can display some of our favorite ornaments if we choose not to do a tree next year as well! 

December 5 - Christmas parade downtown
December 6 - "love gives" store at church
December 8 - dinner with Jenna
December 11 - Christmas Choral with the Blacks
December 12-15 - sick with strep
December 17 - my work's Christmas dinner & last day working downtown (sad!)
December 18 - Star Wars Episode VII with my family (yes, Star Wars is a family affair!)
December 19-20 - Christmas at my grandma's in Aiken
December 24 - Christmas with my family
December 25 - Christmas with Thomas's family, Christmas with Thomas's grandparents
& our 2nd annual Chinese food on Christmas tradition
December 27 - Christmas with my grandma, aunt & uncle

- twinkle lights + advent devotional
- our pallet Christmas tree
- Christmas at the park
- our basset enjoying the tree + lights
- lunch buddies with Thomas
- exploring trains with the nephew
- hanging out with the ducks one last time
- matching gift bags
- Christmas bunny in a sleigh
- i officially became a Weasley
- chinese food on Christmas
- DIY Christmas gifts
- the cutest bunny in the world

- our passport to fun adventure was to Beijing, China & we created our Chinese dinner Christmas tradition
- i shared our strategy of getting Christmas shopping done early
- i made holiday tea lights for my coworkers for Christmas
- we made some penguins out of marshmallows... at least they kinda look like penguins!
- we decided we would do a #lowkeyChristmas and that may be a tradition because it stuck for this year too!
- i was finally able to share my project gratitude journal that i gave to Thomas for Christmas
- i wrote a poem of the first Christmas from Mary's point of view

what are your highlights from this month?

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