Wednesday, January 13, 2016

perfection + why it's a lie

i once heard someone say "a crumpled up piece of paper can never be perfect again" - i think it was during a talk on abstinence, but i think a lot of people think that way about life. but here's the thing... we were not meant to be perfect (this side of heaven). perfect means that we are independent and in need of no one. perfect means we've got this.

those crumples, stains, pen marks, and rips... they are evidence of growth. they show us that we need the Lord. they show us that we need each other. they're uniquely beautiful and way better than perfection anyhow.

those stains, they show the strength it took to get back up again. those rips show the broken parts, but also the mending. those pen marks show intention and life. those crumples show healing. the earth needs the sun. the gardens need the rain. and we need our broken pieces.

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