Wednesday, February 24, 2016

what i've been doing (instead of blogging)

doing our taxes & working on a revised budget for 2016. honestly i get enough of accounting/finance related stuff at work that this has been a struggle. (ground control to major #burnout) by the time i get home from work my brain is just tired, but i know it's something we need to keep up with well. and a little update on our student loan payoff, we have officially paid off around 92% of our loans and are looking to make our last payment a few months before our projected date. which is awesome! this is why i know budgeting is important and that it's worth my struggle to keep up with it.

researching and cooking healthy meals. thomas & i are doing whole 30 again and the best way to succeed at that is to be prepared ahead of time which involves extra planning and food preparation. but it’s completely worth it to have a reset and start feeling so much better.

reading the Bible and setting goals. i had gotten out of the habit of regular scripture reading so i'm trying to get back into intentionally carving out that time in my day. needless to say this helps cut down stress as well. :) along with that, i've been using Chantel's goal worksheets to really define what i want to accomplish this year and each month, as well as processing through things the Lord is teaching me.

training for a 5k. after thomas & i ran that 5k a year & a half ago, i haven't run very much. i walk a lot during lunch breaks but definitely haven't run. even though i don't really enjoy running, i know it will help me to feel better as well as lose some of this weight i've gained. so i convinced my dad to run a 5k with me in May which means i have to train for it and that keeps me motivated. 

re-reading the harry potter books & tons of books in between. i've been doing tons and tons of reading at night to help me get to sleep easier. i've gotten hooked on quite a few fiction book series and have just flown through them. my heart speaks fiction.

going on hikes & walks with Thomas. getting more fresh air, uninterrupted time with my husband, and sneaking in some extra exercise. i'll take it.

de-cluttering & getting our house ready to sell. we are planning on selling our house this year, and let me tell you that is a huge project! we started off the year by de-cluttering and organizing the house. it feels SO MUCH BETTER now and it has helped to cut down on the stress we feel thinking of everything that we need to do around the house. why did we not do this sooner? seriously. we have slowly been working on cleaning out our barns & packing things from the house to store in the barn. now we are working on a few projects around the house so it will be ready to show. all of this is a lot of work... and then packing up & moving makes me want to take a nap for like a week! but it is exciting too and we are ready for the next adventure! ;)

what about you? what have you been up to lately?

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