Wednesday, March 30, 2016

the big move | creating a second bedroom

fun fact about our little farmhouse, there is only one closet in the entire house... and that one closet is in the bathroom. another fun fact is that after you fit our queen bed and nightstands into our bedroom, there isn't room left for multiple dressers. so that kind of gives you an idea of what "unique" kind of house we are dealing with! ;) 

in order to makes things work for us, we moved our two dressers into the back bedroom, and put up a cloth closet in that room as well. so we've never had the back room set up as a bedroom, instead it's been a pet/crafts/closet/dressers/exercise/storage room. it worked really well for us, but now that we are showing the house that room needs to be a bedroom. so we cleaned it out, borrowed some furniture, and now it looks like a second bedroom! we actually love having it set up as a bedroom that we are kinda wishing we did this sooner, but having a closet and indoor exercise equipment was very nice too!

because our house is so small, the back room often became the place where we would store stuff, so it was packed full. it took a while to go through everything and only keep/pack what we wanted to keep. so these pictures are from before, through different stages of packing, and then after. this room has definitely undergone the most change from all of our rooms, and i still get amazed looking at the pictures. :)



it has been really nice having a second bedroom that we are wishing we did this sooner! i definitely do miss my closet and extra storage, but it's nice to have another room to just chill in! ;) we got the rug for $30, and the curtains for $40, and the rest of the furniture we either had or borrowed. and even though the colors and patterns are all over the place, it kinda comes together in some funky way. we were going for a kids room feel, so we will just go with that!

what do you think? does this pass as a second bedroom?

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