Wednesday, April 20, 2016

a letter to my future self

to the me i'll be in 10 years,

what's up? (do people even still say what's up?) what is it like to live in the year 2026? did you ever think you would see the day? do you ever miss the you that you used to be? do you think back to 2016 as "the good ole days"? or are you glad that you're in a better place now?

you know that decision you made that completely changed your life? well, i just made it and i am so excited to see where this next journey takes me (you? us?)! 10 years separates us and i can only imagine the adventures you've had during that time. i'm almost sure that you're in a job you love, doing hard but rewarding things, and building a family with Thomas

i bet you still have tons of pets, even though the ones i know and love now are probably gone. and hey, did you ever get that duck?! i've been working on Thomas, so please tell me he finally gave in & got us a duck! or maybe even that miniature donkey! ;)

i am turning 28 in a few months, which means that you will be almost 38 when you read this. that is just super crazy. i know a decade is 10 years, but it seems like 10 years is an awfully short amount of time for an entire decade to pass by in. i guess it's true what they say, the years just go by quicker with each year that you get older. 

i hope that you still remember what it's like to be young & free, where you feel like your whole life is ahead of you. i hope you still feel that way, because it is! i know people tend to say that college is the best 4 years of your life, but from my experience life just gets more rich with age, like a good bottle of wine. i know the best years are ahead of me, and i believe they are still ahead of you too! not to say that the years in-between aren't good, because they really are! 

so, mainly i'm writing to say that i hope you are still chasing your dreams! i hope you are still as excited about this career change (and life change) as i am. and i hope you are still finding new paths in your journey that surprise you and challenge you, because that's how we grow afterall! 

the me that's still learning a thing or two :)

p.s. i am joining in with Kiki and Leah for The Circle link up! and Julie and Victoria for the Open Letters link up!

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