Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DIY crayon art

last friday night, my mother-in-law had a girls craft night with college girls from her church. since thomas & i are living there, we got to join in and it was so much fun! everyone came up with unique ideas and it was fun to see what everyone came up with! this is a super easy craft, the hardest part is unwrapping all of the crayons! especially if they are older crayons, some of those papers i swear were super glued on! i'm sure you've seen this craft all over pinterest, but if you haven't tried it yet you need to!

boxes of crayons
hot glue gun
hair dryer
tarp (to protect your floor from the melting wax!)
patience (to unwrap all of the crayons!)

1) decide what you want your design to be! if you want parts of the canvas left untouched, tape those off! maybe you want to do a silhouette, so you should paint that part first before adding the crayons.

2) once you've decided on your design, get to unwrapping all of the crayons you want to use.

3) when your crayons are unwrapped, hot glue them on to the canvas. (you can also melt them over the canvas to get the color on there without leaving the crayons as part of the finished project - whatever you decide!)

4) turn your hair dryer on high and melt away! use a diffuser attachment if you have it to help spread the heat!

5) once your melted crayons have cooled, peel off your tape and finish your painting!

so you can see that this is super simple to do once you finally get all of the crayons unwrapped! and it doesn't make too much of a mess either, as long as you use the tarp to catch the runaway drips! there are also endless possibilities of what you can make! i love the silhouette ballerina that my mother-in-law did, and my favorite of the night was definitely the elephant! of course, i love our little rainy cafĂ© too! ;) 

have you ever done any type of crayon art?

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