Wednesday, April 06, 2016

the big move | documenting our yard

one of the biggest selling points for our house is that we have almost 2 acres and that is hard to come by these days unless you are 45 minutes from civilization. plus we have 3 barns which add storage and character to the property. in the back of our yard we have a little field that is framed by trees, which could be a cool place for a garden or fire pit! almost everyone that comes over to our house says that they love our yard & the barns, so i wanted to share a few pictures of our yard too!

we built the fence the week after we got married because the fence that was already there was a smaller area and rotting under ivy. when i moved in my basset hound moved in too so we needed a nice fenced in area for her to stay during the day... of course she never let that happen and lives it up inside while we're at work, but we have still enjoyed the nice fence! 

honestly, our yard is one of the things i will miss most about our house because it is just so unique and loaded with character. the house is loaded with character too, but in a different way. i love our yard any time of the year, but our yard is especially gorgeous when it is covered in snow with the red barns to contrast the white. and i am really going to miss the barns as picture backdrops because they are in many a photo i have taken! 

but the good thing is our first house is well documented & we've made plenty of memories here that we will always cherish. and even though there are things we will miss about this house, we are still looking forward to our next house! i am really excited about picking out a house together, because Thomas lived in this house 8 years before we got married so we have never had that experience. we made this house our home, so in a way it is our first house, but in a way our next house will be our first too! :)

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