Monday, April 11, 2016

the big move | showing the house

we are very fortunate that Thomas's parents live 5 minutes from us and were gracious enough to let us and all of our pets move in with them while we show the house! this helps us not to be under so much pressure to clean the house every morning after we get ready for work, and the stress of having to leave the house at a moment's notice for a showing. our house was listed on a thursday, and the first weekend we had 9 showings, so we would have had to constantly clean the house & leave. we still go over to check on the house each day, but since we aren't living there we don't have to do as much tidying up each day.

when you have pets, realtors tell you that you don't want prospective buyers to be able to tell that you have pets since they may not be pet people. if they don't like dogs and they are touring a house that has dog bowls and toys all over, they can't easily see themselves owning the house. also, they say pets should be out of the house a few days prior to showings so the house won't smell like the pet. so we figured it would just be easier for us and our pets to move out temporarily while so many showings were going on.

the way showings work with our realtor is that a third party handles scheduling the showings. any realtor in the area can request to show the house, so the requests go to the third party company, and they then send me & Thomas the times of the showings. we are then able to accept the showing, decline the showing, or reschedule the showing time. since we are temporarily living somewhere else, we have the freedom to be able to accept every showing request that comes through because they don't affect our schedule.

after a buyer and realtor walk through the house, the third party sends a request for feedback. they also send a reminder request if they don't get anything the first time. if feedback is filled out, an automatic email is sent to us with the results. this is really helpful because we are able to know what the buyers liked, didn't like, what they thought needed improvement, and if they were interested in the property or not. the biggest thing we've heard on the feedback is that they don't like the neighborhood going in next door, which is completely understandable but unfortunately not something we can change. it's nice to get the feedback though and know what buyers are thinking, so if it is something we can change, then we have the opportunity to!

all of these photos were taken by Connie Rice & Partners

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