Monday, April 04, 2016

the big move | staging the house

our realtor actually told us that our house looked great staged the way it already was, so we didn't have too much to do once we got the clutter out and cleaned. we took down a few picture frames that had our wedding pictures in them, cleaned out our cabinets so they didn't look overflowing, and took out some of our non-general decor. 

last week, the photographer came to take pictures on tuesday, the realtor took measurements on wednesday, the house was officially listed on wednesday night, and we had our first 3 showings on thursday! we had 9 showings through the weekend, so things moved pretty fast and we are officially on the market now! i'm sharing the staged pictures that our realtor's photographer took. (click here to see our lived in house to compare - basically just a little bit more clutter!) i am so amazed at how the official pictures came out - they really turned our horrible lighting into a bright house!








all of these photos were taken by Connie Rice & Partners

walking through our house now, it just feels really open! we've added a lot of storage in some of the rooms & now that they aren't completely full it just feels like we have so much space! and even though the inside of the cabinets aren't pictured, all of those are thinned out too! so when we open our cabinets it just feels like we have a lot of open space, which i've heard is what you want potential buyers to feel so that's a good thing! now i kinda want to stay here a little bit longer to enjoy all of this space and openness! ;)

i'm actually going to compile all of these pictures and make a shutterfly photo book of our first house! i do a photo book of each year of our marriage and we love having the memories to look back on! i have also done a photobook of our engagement pictures, my bridal shots, our wedding pictures, and our passport to fun dates! shutterfly has coupons and great deals all the time so we get so many books for great prices!

so, tell me, would you buy our house? ;)

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