Monday, April 18, 2016

when dreams become reality | an announcement!

it was a day like any other, the day it all changed. there was a subtle shift in the air, like the stillness before a storm. she had no idea that one simple conversation that day would change the entire direction of her life. she didn't know yet that she'd been preparing and waiting for this moment for a long time. 

the day passes like any other day would. she asks her husband if they can go out for a coffee date like they sometimes do. it's early fall and the slight chill in the air has her longing for long talks over coffee, like the one that started their relationship just four short years ago. 

there is something about drinking a hot beverage in a cozy coffee shop that makes her heart fill up with joy, and makes her feel as if she can do anything. it's a simple pleasure in life really, but it has such a profound affect on her. as if she could dare to dream anything, anything at all. 

this conversation had become almost routine over the last year:
"i just feel so unsettled all the time. i want to do work that matters, work with a purpose. i'm good at my job and i like it, but it feels like there is something missing."
"i'm realizing that i'm just not motivated by the same things that other people in the corporate world are, and that i need to do something i am passionate about."
"i think the constant stress is changing who i am. i feel so drained and worn out all the time. i can't imagine having a job like this when we have kids."

she can't pinpoint exactly how she feels, but she knows these feelings are there. and that they are there for a reason. he asks her if she left accounting what she would do, and she says what she has always said "i would love to work with adoption or social work in some way." and then he says the words that change everything, he simply asks "why are you not doing this?"

it finally clicks. she has always thought about this in a "maybe someday" sort of way, but never allowed herself to believe she could actually do it. it isn't until his encouragement and confidence in her, that she realizes "someday" could actually be today. it isn't until this moment that she understands changing careers and chasing a dream is not a failure, it is just a new journey. and in fact, life tends to change directions constantly, it is not a solitary path. as they continue to discuss their life goals, starting a family, and what they want life to look like, nothing has ever made more sense.

over the next few months a million things come together seamlessly. door after door opens, and things quickly fall into place. what seemed like a far away dream at first, is quickly becoming reality. she is free to chase the dream she is finally allowing herself to have, and it is so exciting!


so, there you have it! in June i leave my job as an accountant, in July we move to a new city, and in August i officially become a graduate student earning her Masters in Social Work! i thought it would be fun to make the announcement in story form, but more details will be coming very soon to a blog near you!

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