Monday, May 09, 2016

from accountant to social worker | the details

since we announced our life change & moving plans, we've gotten a few questions over and over. so i figured it would be best to just get all of these details out in one place!


when i was in the middle of my undergraduate degree in accounting, i seriously considered changing schools and doing social work. i can't explain it, but adoption has always been a constant theme in my life and something that i am super passionate about. i've been researching adoption and foster care in my free time over the past few years and that is what led me to social work. social work has popped up pretty consistently these past few years and i finally realized it's something i need to be doing. it's hard to explain, but i feel like i was made to do this.

it took me a while to accept the fact that changing careers wasn't a failure. i spent 4 years getting my accounting degree, i was at the top of my class, i got a great job right out of school, and i've technically gotten 2 promotions in my past 4 years - so leaving that all behind is tough. but accounting has taught me a lot about life and budgeting and has prepared me to deal with difficult situations and people, so in a way the corporate world has prepared me for social work. i don't know why my life path went there just to change so drastically, but i just know social work is where my path is headed now.

i've come to realize that i'm just not motivated by the same things that a lot of people in the corporate world are. not that they are wrong, they are just motivated differently than me. as an INFJ, i have to do work that matters and makes a difference. and at the end of the day, well, accounting just doesn't fulfill me. some people don't have to be passionate about the career they are in, and their interests aren't tied to the work that they do, but i'm learning for me i need that. in no way do i believe that social work will be easier or less stressful than accounting. i know it will be harder in some ways and a draining job at times, but it is life-giving and meaningful work. and that makes all the difference. (sorry, had a Robert Frost moment!)


school starts in August, so we will be moving in July to get settled before the hustle and bustle of school begins!


no. i had entertained the idea of getting my MBA in order to meet the education hours requirement for the CPA exam a while back, but i dreaded thinking about another 2 years of business or accounting related classes. once i started my full time job i realized there was no way i would be able to keep up with a masters program while doing this stressful job, especially during the year long transition onto our new system at the time.

when i first started looking at masters of social work programs, it looked like i would be able to do my specialization from the city i live now, at the satellite campus. so i thought about doing the part time program and continuing to work for as long as i could during the program. however, my specialization is only offered at the main campus so that wasn't even an option. it works out better this way though, because i would have probably died of stress if i had attempted to do grad school while in my current job. the part time program also takes 3 years, so i would rather be a full time student and finish in 2 years. it makes more sense, and saves my sanity. :)


this is the most frequent question we get, and one of the really cool things that just fell into place and opened doors for us. the company Thomas works for has an office in the city we are moving to, so they are letting him work his same job from that office. his department is centralized in our current city, so it is rare for someone to be allowed to do his job from another location, but they really love Thomas and believe in him and didn't want to lose him, so they offered to let him work from this other location. that was such a blessing & definitely one of the biggest unknowns in this process once we found out i would have to do the degree from the main campus.

also it is cool to see how God worked out Thomas's job change, knowing this move was coming. if Thomas was still working for the company that moved to Iowa, he wouldn't have had the opportunity to work from a different location because there isn't one where we are moving. the timing of his whole job change was just incredible, but now we see why the change was necessary in the first place. this is just another example of the extra opportunities we have now with him in this new job!

between November 2015 and March 2016, there were so many unknowns and unanswered questions. going into 2016, i knew that i was applying to grad school but no other details, that is why i chose trust as my word for this year. my type A self loves to have all of the details worked out, and even though when i applied to grad school we had hardly any details worked out, i felt a peace about this decision. and isn't that what faith is after all? acting without knowing all the answers.

it is cool to look back on these past few months and see how everything unfolded. and to understand why some things did or did not happen before we even had the conversation to make this move. i can see God working in all of the details on this side of it, and it is just really cool! and we have definitely felt so much confirmation over making this move!

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