Monday, May 23, 2016

project 12 | 2016 | part one

i haven't been doing the monthly project 12 posts this year for two reasons. the first is that while i was working on everything for grad school, it couldn't be public knowledge since my job didn't know yet. i decided not to tell my job until everything was official, so the process had to be on the down low. the second reason is that i have just been worn out from year end at work, the house move, and getting everything set for grad school that something had to go by the wayside, and blogging was that something for a while. 

however, i've still been keeping little notes in my calendars because i love having my years captured month by month and plan to keep up with project 12 this year in a few different chunks. this first chunk is January-March, and i will be posting another chunk soon which is April-May. i'm hoping to get back to the monthly posts, but i'm not sure what life is going to look like once grad school starts! ;) but i wanted to go ahead and capture these five months because they tell a lot of the story of how everything came together!


during the month i worked on getting all of my materials for my grad school application together. i had to fill out the application, write a 5-page self reflection essay, another 2-page essay, send transcripts from other schools, and provide 3 letters of recommendation. i had actually started working on this during December, so it took a while to get everything together!

while i worked on that we also worked on de-cluttering the house because we knew we would be listing it in a few months. we were SO glad we did this in January, because we had a lot of work to do in March getting it ready to list and staging it. so, it was nice that we had a clutter-free and organized house to start with!

Jan 1-3 - hit our declutter/organize the house project hard
Jan 9 - birthday celebrations with Thomas's family
Jan 18 - hiking in the snow because Thomas had the day off work
Jan 22 - Thomas had a snow day while i worked from home
Jan 24 - i submitted my completed application to grad school!
Jan 26 - i submitted my undergrad transcripts
Jan 29 - lunch buddies with Thomas at the food trucks


this is the month where i got accepted to grad school! it is actually a two-part acceptance, so the college of social work had to accept me, but then the official acceptance had to come from the graduate school. i was surprised that i got both acceptances within a few days of each other! i thought i would have to wait a while longer in between, but i was happy to find out so soon! once we got acceptance to school, we started interviewing realtors.

Feb 5-6 - Thomas on a men's retreat with church
Feb 6 - my mom taught me to sew/hem pants
Feb 9 - the college of social work notified me that they received my application
Feb 10 - the college of social work notified me that they were still waiting on a few recommendations
Feb 13 - the way we do valentine's is hiking & chocolate covered strawberries ;)
Feb 14 - we basically made it a hiking weekend
Feb 15 - all of my recommendations were received by the college of social work
Feb 18 - Conservative convention with my parents
Feb 23 - i received acceptance from the college of social work!
Feb 26 - i received official acceptance from the graduate school!!
Feb 27 - our nephew's first birthday
Feb 28 - birthday celebration for my mom and sister
Feb 29 - met with the first realtor


we met with a few realtors at the beginning of the month and ended up deciding which one we wanted to use. then we spent the rest of the month getting things fixed around the house, staging each room, creating a second bedroom, and getting it ready for showings. this was such a busy month! i also officially accepted the MSW offer this month so grad school became official!

Mar 1 - met with another realtor
Mar 3 - decided on a realtor and confirmed
Mar 6 - day trip to Columbia to check out the area
Mar 7-12 - packing up the house and cleaning out the barn
Mar 8 - i officially accepted the grad school position and mailed my intent letter
Mar 13 - day trip to Columbia to check out apartments
Mar 15 - handyman did an assessment of repairs
Mar 18 - i turned in my application for field practice for school
Mar 18-20 - i visited my maid of honor for the weekend
Mar 21 - handyman worked on repairs
Mar 25 - load up uhaul trailer
Mar 26 - took trailer to my grandma's garage to store what we cleaned out of the barn
Mar 27 - Easter with both families
Mar 28 - moved in with the in-laws
Mar 29 - realtor took pictures of our house for the listing
Mar 30 - house measurements taken and listing finalized
Mar 31 - our house is officially on the market & we had 3 showings

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