Wednesday, May 04, 2016

the big move | SOLD!

our house was officially listed on Thursday, March 31, and 9 days later on Friday, April 8 we got an offer on our house! it was a really amazing offer, so we accepted it the same night! then, the next day we got another offer, but it wasn't as good so we felt really confident about accepting the first offer!

our realtor emailed us the offer contract as a surprise on friday afternoon! it was our busiest week of the year at my job and i had been working overtime every day that week, so i was exhausted and the surprise was very welcome! i was sitting at my desk working and Thomas called my work phone to tell me to check my personal email & there it was - our first offer! 

we were told the buyers really wanted the house, and that they were excited when we accepted their offer! we really had no idea what to expect between accepting the offer & closing, so our realtor talked us through what the next steps would be. the first step is for the inspector to come out and inspect the house. our inspection was done on Monday, April 18. a few days later, the inspector sent us a list of things that needed to be done. we then were able to decide what we would agree to do and what we would negotiate with the buyers. we went back and forth a few times to get down to the final list, but when we finally decided on the list we ended up not having too much to fix which was nice! 

after the inspection comes the appraisal, ours was done on Wednesday, April 20. the appraisal is done by the buyer's lender and it is what the buyer's mortgage is based on. so if the appraisal is lower than what the buyer's agreed to pay, i believe there are a few different options and ways to negotiate. we aren't at that point yet though, so i can't speak to how it works.

i mentioned that we stayed with my in-laws while the house was being shown, but we are back home now. for a few more weeks at least ;) we moved in with them on Monday, March 28 and didn't move back into our house until after the inspection Monday, April 18. there was still a possibility of showings even though we were under contract, so that's why we stayed out the extra time. in total we were out of our house for 3 weeks, and when we came home it felt so nice to finally sleep in our own bed again! we have a 3 inch foam mattress topper so our bed literally felt like a cloud that first night!

so where we are right now is we are currently working on the inspection repairs and waiting to hear back about the appraisal, but should know the final details soon and be on our way to closing! closing will be around the end of May, and we will be living with my in-laws again at the end of May and the month of June. i officially leave my job at the end of June and then the beginning of July is when we will move to our new city!

we are so ready to have this process behind us because it has been a lot of work, but we also want to enjoy our last few weeks in our home. we haven't had much down time these last few months, so i am hoping that we can get these repairs handled quickly and at least have a few days to just enjoy our home before we have to pack up and move out. life has been non-stop these last two months, and i don't want to rush through these last days just because we are tired. so, we're working on capturing photos and memories from the house so i can make a photo book for us to always remember our first place. we are sad to see our first home go, yet at the same time really excited about our next adventure! :)

have you ever moved from your first home as a married couple/childhood home?

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