Tuesday, May 17, 2016

year three.


wow.  three years. i can honestly say that on the day we wed, i had no idea that we'd be where we are today. so much has happened and changed in these last three years for both of us, but all for the better. even the tough times challenged us and pushed us to be better, lean on the Lord, and lean on each other.

i'm so thankful for marriage & how it has allowed me to pursue my dreams. even dreams that i didn't fully realize i had beforehand. with your support and encouragement, i've come to realize more about who i am and who i want to be. and i hope i've given you the freedom to do that too.

marriage still seems a little strange to me at times. like the fact that we get to have sleepovers every single night and spend our free time just hanging out. or the fact that there is someone who wants to bring me coffee at work to surprise me. and even the fact that we get to make decisions together and chase our dreams. 

it's so much fun sometimes i feel like we are getting away with something. you're my best of all best friends and i'm so glad we get to share all of our years to come together. i'm excited for this new adventure that we are embarking on, and i'm really looking forward to moving to a new city with you!

it's kind of like honeymooning all over again if you think about it! we will have a chance to really focus on our relationship. it will be so good for us & i am glad we get this opportunity! our little two year adventure! :)

i can't believe we only have one week left in our first home. you've been here 11 years, and i've been here 3. it has been really cool to see this place transform from a house into a home over the last 5 years. it is sad to move on, but at the same time i am excited for this next chapter. i love you and cannot wait to see what the next three years bring!


[post script]
happy birthday! today we turn 3, but today you also turn 31! :)

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