Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When Calls the Heart | Season 1 free with pre-order of Season 3

remember a few months ago when i blogged about Fish Flix, a website that offers wholesome Christian movies and tv shows? well, they have a promotion going on right now that is really neat! when you pre-order When Calls the Heart Season 3 DVD set (on sale for 40% off right now), Fish Flix will send you Season 1 for free! so if you already love the show, you can gift Season 1 to a friend, or if you are new to the show you can try out Season 1 and get hooked on it before Season 3 is released in October. 

i love promotions like this, because i am always looking for more tv shows to own on dvd! we don't have cable, Netflix, Hulu or anything like that because we really don't watch that much tv. however, we do love watching seasons of tv shows back to back. we own all of the episodes for about 5 tv shows, and generally just cycle through them when we are in a tv watching mood. i love seasons of tv shows, because it is kind of like a book where it lasts for a really long time so i can really invest in it. i am not such a huge fan of movies because 2 hours is just too quick! 

since school doesn't start for me until mid August, and i finally have the entire apartment unpacked and organized(YAY!), i have been wanting to find a new tv show for me to watch during the day when i just want to take a break. i keep the funny and action packed tv shows for when me and Thomas want to enjoy something in the evenings, but sometimes i just want to watch something with a little more drama, and When Calls the Heart is just that! set in 1910, a young teacher from high society moves to a small coal mining town for her first teaching job and learns to love the town and her new life. plus it has Aunt Becky from Full House in it, so that is a plus too! 

the Season 3 box set includes some really cool features as well! for instance, you can watch the show as individual episodes, or as 5 feature films. there are small differences between the 2 formats, so that is a fun thing to look for! there are also 3 bonus discs that include things like behind-the-scenes, interviews, trivia games, and more! 

Fish Flix is also running another promotion where you can win a $100 gift card to Fish Flix. to enter, you need to leave a review of Season 3 on this page, and then email the username to that you used on your review. the drawing for the gift card will take place on September 1, 2016. so, if this is something that appeals to you, go ahead and pre-order or leave a review if you already love the show to win a gift card! 

what are some of your favorite tv shows that you own on dvd?

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