Friday, September 23, 2016

the first date | year six

every september 22, Thomas and i kinda re-live our first date. lucky for us we just went out for coffee, so it is casual and low key. which is perfect because we are casual and low key people! ;) we spent the time reminiscing, dreaming of the future, and laughing along the way. somehow it's always one of our most relaxed and fun dates, which is why i love the tradition!

it's so crazy to have been with someone for five years! (maybe some of you reading this have been married or dating for way longer and think five years is nothing - but remember back to the first time you hit the five year mark with someone!) the passage of time and anniversaries just amaze me everytime. this is by far the longest relationship i've ever been in, once we passed two years, every new milestone is the first time we've been here. everything is now a first for us and it's always amazing to think about, definitely not something we take for granted. 

so five years ago a brown eyed boy and a blue eyed girl sat at a table drinking fancy coffee drinks, with no idea that things would end up here - #fourthyearofmarriage (did i do it right, Julie?!). i also just realized that september 22 is the official start of Fall, so that is really cool. because it is my favorite season, so i love that our relationship ushered it in! my favorite relationship in my favorite season, somethings are just meant to be. #helloimcheesy

it is kindof crazy that so much has happened in 5 years. on our first date, i was a junior in college working towards my degree in accounting, and Thomas was an old working man at an insurance company. now, i'm pursuing my masters degree in social work, and Thomas is still an old working man (haha!) at a law firm, ironically working in the accounting department. well, he can have accounting! ;)

if you would have told me 5 years ago that i would be in grad school i would have laughed at you. i also would have laughed if you told me i would be living in the armpit of South Carolina too, another thing i had no desire to do. and while i don't exactly love the armpit, it is not as bad as i anticipated. oh, and grad school is not so bad either. i mean, it is a LOT of work, but it helps that it is something interesting like social work and not business related. so, here we are 5 years older and on 2 new paths that we never would have imagined. can't wait to see where we are in life in another 5 years! hint hint: hopefully living somewhere without 1000% humidity (aka why i call it the armpit)!

what are some traditions you & your significant other have?!

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