Thursday, September 08, 2016

why i am excited for autumn

do you know Julie from A Hopeful Hood? if not, you should! (yes, i did just rhyme!) she frequently does little list posts, and i am stealing her idea today. :) mainly because i just knocked out 2 journal articles for one class, and started a rough draft for a paper in another class, so i am on a writing roll. plus, i want to procrastinate just a little bit longer before i start reading for my friday class. there is never a dull moment in grad school! 

this past weekend my husband surprised me with a really quick mountain getaway to celebrate my birthday. my birthday is in August, and we had celebrated with family, but he wanted to do something just the two of us. plus, we haven't really done anything fun since moving 2 months ago, and it was due time to just get out of dodge for a bit. luckily i didn't have classes on labor day, so i only had 1/2 the work to get done the week before, meaning i was able to get my work done on friday & saturday, and have sunday & monday free for our trip! 

while we were in the mountains, the weather was cooler than it has been where we live now. south carolina in the summer is always hot, but we pretty much live in the armpit of the state now, so it is super humid all the time. super humid on top of 90s and 100s every day makes you long for autumn like you never have before. so we were very relieved when it felt nicer in the mountains and we spent pretty much all day both days outside. which has got me really excited for when the weather feels that nice here, and i can go outside without sweating through my clothes in 10 minutes. which leads me to a few things i am looking forward to with autumn right around the corner!

1. obviously the first thing on the list is the weather. i love when there is a chill in the air, and those few weeks where the weather is just perfect. it makes me happy to live in a climate where autumn exists, and reminds me to cherish each day, because it will soon pass. 

2. i found a cute pair of boots & a new sweater at a discount store the other day, so i am anxious to be able to wear them. i just feel so much more put together in autumn outfits, since i can accent with sweaters and scarves. plus, having long sleeves on is an introvert's dream!

3. trader joe's apple cider. i am usually not a hot apple cider fan, but Thomas introduced me to trader joe's apple cider and it is seriously the best. we put it in the crock pot & add some cinnamon sticks and it is perfection. plus, it makes the entire house smell delightful! 

4. date nights. these past 2 months as Thomas has been adjusting to his new office, and i've been adjusting to grad school we haven't had a lot of free time. whenever we have had free time, it's been too hot to actually do anything so we generally just stay in. however, with the nicer weather coming we will actually be able to enjoy being outside which has me itching to adventure around our new town some more and create more memories together!

i am also kind of hoping that since the summer is a bit hotter here, that the winter will be a bit less cold also! which means that i may get more than just a few weeks of autumn this year. only time will tell, but here's to hoping!

what is your favorite season? what are you anticipating or dreading about autumn?

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