Wednesday, September 14, 2016

writing | young heartbreak

sometimes i listen to songs, and they spark something deep into my soul...
and words come out... that's what this is.
try to channel your inner emo/teenage angst for this one ;)

i see you standing there
with your all too brilliant smiles
i can't quite explain it
but they light the earth for miles

i look at you and long to unfold
the mystery that is you
and somehow along the way
you decide you want that, too

so quickly you become
the best friend a girl could find
i can't believe how lucky i am
that i get to call you mine

life becomes an adventure
we get lost in our own little world
things are just so easy with you
it's like we will never come unfurled

you taught me a lot of things that year
as you became my past
i could have loved you forever
but it just wasn't meant to last

you told me you'd always be there
you said you'd never let me fall
but, oh you did, didn't you?
you didn't try to catch me at all

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