Monday, December 12, 2016

a bunny named Luna Lovegood

sadly in November, our sweet Finn passed away suddenly. he was only a year old so we were not prepared for this in the slightest. it happened right before the end of the semester so my stress levels were already pretty high and it hit really hard. 

we weren't planning on getting another bunny so soon, but we saw this bunny on a rescue's facebook page stating that she needed a forever home. we went to meet her and she was super sweet so we decided to adopt her since we had the room. she is a mini-lop and around the same age as Finn was, so we thought she would bond well with Albie since she had just started bonding with Finn

we kept up our Harry Potter naming tradition and named this little lady Luna Lovegood. we think the name fits her perfectly because she's got a bit of a spunky personality. she is very gentle and easy going, but has a personality of her own as well. she will jump on and off the couch by herself and run around the living room with our basset hound. her and the basset will run around each other and play, it's so adorable.

we were wondering how it would go adopting an older bunny, since we got Finn and Albie at such a young age, but Luna has done really well. she picked up on the litter box super fast and is getting comfortable around us and her new house. she has even met Albie once and they did really well. bonding rabbits is a process but they are showing promising signs so far. and we really love how chill Luna is, she's the perfect house bunny. we can let her hop around the living room freely while we are in there and she just flops around everywhere adorably. :) bunnies are seriously such fun pets!

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