Wednesday, December 07, 2016

grad school by the numbers | volume 1

so my first semester of graduate school has come & gone. and what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't do a recap? well, probably the kind of blogger who only blogs once a month. oh wait... ;)

grad school by the numbers | volume 1

semesters completed: 1 of 5

articles read: 64

chapters read: 63

total pages read: i'm sure i hit somewhere over 3,000 (see above)

episodes of gilmore girls watched: 153
(at nights we worked our way through every season in anticipation for A Year in the Life!)

papers written: 27

total pages written: 153

cups of coffee consumed: 134 (see above)

lunch dates with friends: 20

free lunches obtained: 4

classes taken: 5

length of classes in hours: 3

hours of internship: 174

walks around campus: 15

days where i did nothing school related: 3

things i learned: 562,654 (but for real!)

semesters remaining: 4

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