Monday, December 19, 2016

October 26th | Part 7

This story is written like fiction, but it is very true. It happened in October of 2012, so some of the details may be a little hazy to me but the story is as accurate as I recall. I wanted to have an account of the craziest thing that happened to me in my life thus far & thought it would be fun to write it in story form. This story is written in parts, so it will make more sense if you read from the beginning!

disclaimer: part six was written over a year ago! somehow i forgot about ever finishing this, so i'm finally posting part seven to this saga & ending it. it was amazing to see how awesome my school and work accommodated me for my month long recovery! also, this one is not written in story form, but like a recap.


i was so afraid of missing the semester and having to do it all over again in the spring right before our wedding. thankfully since i was only a month away from the end of the semester, my school worked it out so that i could finish my classes at home and graduate on time! i was only taking 2 actual classes, because my other 3 class slots were my internship that i had completed over the summer. so this was very good timing as well! had i been in 5 actual classes i probably wouldn't have been able to finish on time! i was also thankful that i had done my internship over the summer, because i would've missed too many hours during the semester to complete it. 

one of my classes was a computer class, so i was able to finish all of it online. the other class was concepts of chemistry, so that was a little more tricky. i had to finish a presentation, a test, a final exam, and 2 labs for that class. this is where it gets awesome, because my Chemistry teacher drove an hour to my house 3 different times to meet with me and let me present to her, take the test, review for the exam, and finish my labs! she had to bring all of the lab materials with her and we did them in my kitchen! talk about commitment to being a teacher! 

so with all of that i was able to finish my classes on time, and i was well enough to walk by the time my December graduation came along! my graduation was 6 weeks after the surgery, and thankfully i could walk with no pain across the stage! my chemistry teacher also found me after graduation and said congrats! it is funny because i hadn't spoken to her much before all of this happened, and that just goes to show how much teachers care about their students at that school. had i been at a large university, i'm not sure what would have happened.


at this time, i was working part-time for the company i got my first job after college at. since i was only working part time, i was able to be out for a month and come back without having to deal with short term disability or payroll headaches. my boss was very easy going and worked things out while i was gone, so i'm very thankful for that. since i was only working 2 days a week, i didn't have a full workload, so it was doable to have someone cover my work while i was out. then, he ended up hiring me on full time a few months after i got back! my department even sent me an edible arrangement while i was in the hospital which was super nice! 


i had looked into doing a semester abroad in either China or Uganda the semester that this all happened, but the finances didn't work out. i'm so glad they didn't because i couldn't imagine finding or going through all of this in another country away from all of my friends and family. it is also likely that i wouldn't have gone to a doctor in another country. so we probably wouldn't have found it and it may have burst since it was so large. talk about a scary experience!

additionally, my dad was in line for a trip to Germany with his department at work. he was one of the most senior engineers in the department, so he should have been chosen to go on the trip. but at the last minute another engineer was chosen to go. my dad was a little upset that he was not chosen. but looking back on it, he would've been gone during this entire ordeal leaving my mom to deal with everything. so, in retrospect it was actually a good thing that he was here while all of this happened!

last but not least, i got engaged a month before this monstrosity was found. so, had i been in China or Uganda i wouldn't have been getting engaged obviously. it really stinks that this thing happened right after getting engaged, but thankfully a very good chunk of the wedding plans were already done by the time i found out about the surgery, so we could stand to lose a month in the planning process. this is why it can be good to plan ahead & have a type A personality! ;)

right before graduation, the pathology report came back and it wasn't cancer! hallelujah! so it was just some weird alien baby growing inside me, but cancer free!

[the end]

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