Friday, December 16, 2016

this city

this is something i wrote back in July when we moved from my most favorite city. and yes i'm just now getting around to finishing it & posting because that is grad student life for ya ;)

this is the place where my life changed in the most profound ways.

there were really hard times & really really good times. and of course plenty of times in between.

this is where my heart first tasted of love. where my heart learned how much it is capable of loving. and also where my heart experienced deep sorrow. but also where it mended and grew stronger.

this is where my childhood ended & where my adult life began to blossom. this is where i learned to stay a kid, but this is also where i learned to grow up.

this is where i learned about friendship and what it took to be a good friend. this is where i began to realize that not all people stay with you - that some are only in your life for a short time. but even so that some will always stay with you no matter what, that some transcend time and distance.

this is where i began to learn that not everything is black and white. in this world there is plenty of gray. and even though God is absolute, there is plenty in this world that isn't. this is where i learned how important it is to have a discerning mind.

i learned a lot in this city, i grew a lot in this city. i learned that you can't always trust people or depend on them, but that you can always choose to love them and extend grace. there are plenty of times i chose wrong, and i learned it's okay to have regrets. being able to admit when you're wrong is a strength to have.

this is where i realized that i feel super deeply and that i must be extra careful with my heart. feeling deeply is both a blessing and a curse, the highest highs and the lowest lows. this is where my heart got bruised and calloused, but also where it was allowed to heal and soften.

this is the place where my life changed in the most profound ways.

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