Friday, December 09, 2016

writing | more to give

they said the sky's the limit
you can be who you want to be
but then they go and judge you
when they don't like what they see

so she learned to lock up her opinion
just stay quiet and coast by
for the other people always had
the final say of what and why

she took her spunk and sillyness
and locked them deep down inside
she learned how to completely be
another person on the outside

then one day it hit her
that she had forgotten who she was
she hadn't smiled in years
she never laughed, just because

slowly but surely she began to unfold
the box she buried deep within
carefully she unwrapped it
and out came the person she'd always been

it didn't take long for her to realize
that her past was no way to live
she had listened too much to other people
when she had so much more to give

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