Monday, January 02, 2017

2016 | a rundown

2016 has been a year of transition in the best of ways. last January i was still working full time as a corporate accountant, and this January i will be starting my second semester of grad school for my master of social work. last January we were living in the same city as most of our family, and this January we are two hours away. last January we were getting our house ready to sell, and this January we are settling into our apartment. last January i was uncertain of the next step we would take, and this January we are in the midst of this next step.

this has been a slower year for me in regards to blogging because i write so much for school. but i wanted to compile my top favorite blog posts from this year, to acknowledge all of the changes that have taken place. January 2017 is starting off in a completely different place than January 2016 did, and i couldn't be more glad to be on this side of the changes. so here's to remembering everything that 2016 taught me, and looking forward to everything that 2017 will teach me too!

what has been your biggest takeaway from this year?

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