Monday, January 23, 2017

a day at the zoo

we became zoo members this year since we are living very close to the zoo around here. if you know me at all you know that i am an animal lover, and so most of our dates end up involving animals. zoo membership is a great way to get outside, have a free date day, and get to interact with animals all in one! 

we have already gone enough times since we got the membership in December to more than make up for the money it cost to buy it. if you live close to a zoo it really does make sense to become a member if you will go more than 2 times a year (which let's face it, we will!). it is nice also because we know that we can come back anytime we want, so we don't feel rushed to get through every exhibit each time we visit. 

animals have so much personality so it is fun to go to exhibits at different times of the day and catch animals when they are most active. it is also nice because we can stay at one exhibit for as long as we like and not feel like we are missing out since we can come back. both times we have been so far this year we have not been there during the times they let you feed the giraffe, so that is on our list next time we go! below are some photos that we caught of these characters on our most recent visit! :)

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