Monday, January 09, 2017

project 12 | 2016 | part five

i love having my years captured month by month and plan to keep up with project 12 this year in a few different chunks. you can read about January-March here, April-May here, June-August here, and September-October here.


this month went by in a blur due to all of the end of the semester papers and presentations. we didn't even go visit family during Thanksgiving break because i spent the entire time working on papers. my friend Rebecca did stay for a night while she was passing through to her roommate's house for Thanksgiving, so that was a nice break!

the saddest thing that happened this month was that our sweet little blue eyed bunny passed away. ): we think it was due to GI tract issues because rabbit's stomachs are really sensitive. but it was hard to tell. we had him for a year exactly the week that he passed away so that was really sad.

we did, however, find out a lop around the same age as Finn needed to be adopted from a rescue shortly after. so we went to meet her & ended up adopting her since we had extra room. we named her Luna Lovegood. :) we weren't planning on getting another bunny so soon but she is the sweetest and it helped to heal the wounds from losing Finn.

November 5 - campfire & s'mores with my family
November 12 - day trip to Charleston
November 16 - our sweet little Finn passed away ):
November 17 - we buried Finn & made him a Dobby-esque grave stone
November 19 - we adopted Luna Lovegood the bunny
November 22-23 - my friend Rebecca came to visit
November 24-27 - finishing all of my final papers & presentations


we went to the 50th governor's carolighting of the Christmas tree at the state house since we're in the capital this year. it was neat to see & made me super excited for the Christmas season. it was the night before my last day of grad school for the semester so it was a celebration of sorts! of course, as it almost always happens i was sick the entire first weekend of my break. but it was good to rest and do absolutely no schoolwork over the weekend!

this month was really packed with family get togethers & Christmas parties. it was fun to have our weekend's packed with fun stuff, rather than school work, but exhausting still the same! we also loaded all of our pets and stayed with our families for 11 days, so we were away from home for a while as well. i feel like so much was packed into this month because we really hadn't done much over the semester. it is nice to see our families so much, but we also realized we need to make time for our little family as well. so we made New Years weekend our weekend and took a day trip to Charleston as well as some afternoon adventures outside!

December 1 - Christmas tree lighting at the state house
December 2 - the last day of class for the semester!
December 3-5 - sick as a dog ):
December 8 - Gilmore Girls watch party!
December 9-10 - Thomas's parents came down for the weekend
December 10 - Christmas party at Thomas's work
December 13 - training day downtown for my internship
December 16 - we got some updated photos taken :)
December 17 - Christmas at my grandma's
December 18 - moved all of our pets and us to my parent's for the week
December 19 - i had dinner with my old coworkers, it was nice to catch up!
December 22-24 - Gatlinburg trip with Thomas's family
December 24 - Christmas with my family
December 25 - Christmas with my grandma, then Thomas's grandparents, then Thomas's parents
December 26 - family trip to see Rogue One!
December 28 - car issues so had to buy new tires...boooo
December 31 - day trip to Charleston

what has your winter consisted of so far?

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