Monday, March 27, 2017

30 things that fill my heart right up

two and a half years ago i made a list of 30 things that make me smile. and i figured it was about time to make another list, because it is good to pause and think of things that bring you joy every once in a while.

o1; words & the way they flow together

o2; spring weather

o3; having a partner to journey through life with

o4; pets that are as excited to see me as i am to see them

o5; the oxford comma

o6; lavender lattes

o7; the beach in the winter

o8; random conversations with strangers

o9; friends that you can just chill with

10; taking photographs

11; giving gifts to people

12; and decorating said gifts

13; being a social worker

14; the way the Bible says something different to me each time i read it

15; checking items off of a list

16; riding teacups ;)

17; dunkin donuts coffee, black

18; researching all about my myers-briggs personality type (INFJ)

19; filling up a calendar

20; laughing so hard my abs hurt

21; feeding animals

22; the way music connects to my soul

23; writing with sharpies

24; getting grades back

25; looking up at the starry sky

26; walking around London

27; organizing papers

28; making things with my hands

29; beginning a new book (not so fond of finishing them though!)

30; lava lamps

what is something that you are loving recently?

Thursday, March 09, 2017

grad school | an update

"what have i gotten myself into?" - i ask myself that question a lot lately. not in a negative way, more in a "i'm loving this career change/social work/grad school but MAN is it intensive" kind of way. ;) 

grad school is everything i thought it would be - more than i thought it would be - and nothing like i thought it would be - all at the same time. i am enjoying this program and my internship so much. you know you are in the right major when the work is completely overwhelming and hard, but it is also very life-giving. and that's where i'm at. i'm exhausted and sleep deprived, my brain feels like it can't hold any more information, all i do is read and write papers, yet i know i'm exactly where i need to be. 

social work is so different from accounting because it is a job and a career, but is is also very much who you are as a person as well. it's not just a job, it's a lifestyle. the work i do directly impacts peoples lives - and that is both really cool and really terrifying all at the same time. my internship this year has stretched and challenged me in so many ways - and not only am i a better social worker because of it, but i'm a better person because of it. 

people say if you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life. i never understood that when i was a corporate accountant - because while i really enjoyed my job and loved working with numbers - i just didn't understand how that job could ever not feel like work. but with my social work internship i am understanding that saying. it really doesn't feel like work even though it is hard and tiring and frustrating - yet so rewarding. 

i almost feel as if i am getting away with something - "you mean people will actually pay me just to be me?" social work utilizes so many of my talents and strengths in a way i never thought a job would. i am equally left brained and right brained, so i am very logical and analytical, but also creative and intuitive. somehow i am disorganized and organized at the same time - and all of these things together have served me well so far. 

this second semester has been very intense that i honestly feel like the semester just started because i am not sure i have come up for air since it started. this week is spring break, and although i am working on five papers - it has been nice to slow down a bit and finally have a breather. this summer will be challenging in a different way as well. i am taking classes during the summer including a saturday class because it was the only time the class is offered. 

i am also starting a job at my current internship the week after this semester ends. so i will be working two jobs during the summer and taking two classes - with a monday through saturday week. so although the days won't be quite as long, i will have a six day week. so all of my grand dreams of having some free time this summer are gone - but it is worth it to get these classes done and have less of a load next year. the summer job i was offered will also be great experience and a great opportunity to build my resume more, so i am looking forward to it! 

this past month i interviewed for my top internship pick for next school year - and i was offered the internship this week! i accepted and am very excited that i am able to internship where i wanted to! i will be in a hospital learning medical social work and i'm over the moon about this opportunity! the internship is in the city that we moved from - i found out i can finish my advanced year classes from the satellite campus, so now that i got this internship i can finish my entire second year back home! we were always planning on moving back once i graduated, so now we are able to move back a year earlier than planned!

i started thinking about how it would make sense to do my last internship in the city that i will be living - and get connections for a job after i graduate. at first i thought i had to finish classes at the main campus, but then i found out that the satellite campus offers all of my specialization's advanced year classes - so yet again everything fell into place! we are excited to move back sooner than we imagined! we are still working all of the details out, but we will be nomad's again for a while once we move back because we want to take our time looking for a house! i can't believe in a little over a year, i will be graduating with my MSW, preparing for the licensing exam, and possibly settling into a new house!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

project 12 | February

i love having my years captured month by month and plan to keep up with project 12 this year as i can. it's fun to look back on the details of our year at the end of it, as well as seeing how we change through the photos each month. :)


February 3 was the internship fair for school. it is basically like a job fair and the internships/interviews are competitive, so it was pretty stressful preparing for the fair. i'm an introvert so networking is not really my area of comfort. ;) it was good to make connections though, and i was able to set up an interview with my first choice for an internship! the interview was on February 28th so now i am just waiting to hear back!

i can't believe we are already 2 months into this semester. this month it felt like everything hit all at once. we had to clean out and move our things out of my grandma's garage because the house is being sold, i had outside meetings to attend for a class project, i had a special presentation outside of class to prepare for, setting up and preparing for my internship interview, 2-3 papers due each week of this month, we had 3 family birthdays, and all of that is on top of a part time job outside of school. so this month really blew by! i was also offered a part time job for the summer at my current internship placement, so that is exciting!

this is the last semester where i will have 5 classes on top of an internship, so i am hoping it's all downhill from here. i plan on taking 2 classes over the summer & i'll be working 2 part time jobs so i will have a Mon-Sat week during the summer. but since i am knocking out some classes during the summer, i will only have 3 classes each semester next year, plus my internship. so it will be a little bit less of a load, although the classes will be more advanced.

i detail all of that out just to explain how life is during this season, this grad program is super intensive. & i want to be able to look back on this semester and see everything that was going on and feel accomplished that i got through it. i know i will learn a lot in this semester, but it is a heavy load! in other news, i get a week off of classes and internship NEXT WEEK so i kinda can't wait for a breather! (and a chance to get ahead on the five papers that are due mid-March!)

February 3 - internship fair at school
February 11 - cleaned out all of the stuff we are moving to storage
February 17 - in-laws came to stay the night before helping us with moving the next day
February 18 - moved our stuff from the garage to a storage unit
February 25 - birthday parties for my mom and sister, and a separate party for my nephew ;)
February 26 - we moved some furniture from my grandma's house to our apartment (we got a king bed!)
February 28 - group interview for my top internship pick!

what have you been up to this month?