Monday, March 27, 2017

30 things that fill my heart right up

two and a half years ago i made a list of 30 things that make me smile. and i figured it was about time to make another list, because it is good to pause and think of things that bring you joy every once in a while.

o1; words & the way they flow together

o2; spring weather

o3; having a partner to journey through life with

o4; pets that are as excited to see me as i am to see them

o5; the oxford comma

o6; lavender lattes

o7; the beach in the winter

o8; random conversations with strangers

o9; friends that you can just chill with

10; taking photographs

11; giving gifts to people

12; and decorating said gifts

13; being a social worker

14; the way the Bible says something different to me each time i read it

15; checking items off of a list

16; riding teacups ;)

17; dunkin donuts coffee, black

18; researching all about my myers-briggs personality type (INFJ)

19; filling up a calendar

20; laughing so hard my abs hurt

21; feeding animals

22; the way music connects to my soul

23; writing with sharpies

24; getting grades back

25; looking up at the starry sky

26; walking around London

27; organizing papers

28; making things with my hands

29; beginning a new book (not so fond of finishing them though!)

30; lava lamps

what is something that you are loving recently?

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