Monday, May 08, 2017

grad school by the numbers | volume 2

compiling a list of numbers makes me feel accomplished. plus i love having these numbers from each semester so i can compare semesters, as well as total them all at the end of the program! a few of the numbers are guestimates because i am not about to count the number of pages read... but based on the number of chapters/articles i can guess! i also do not count my cups of coffee or walks around campus... but these numbers are pretty close based on my memory! all of the other numbers are accurate which is both amazing & overwhelming all at the same time!

grad school by the numbers | volume 2

semesters completed: 2 of 5

articles read: 46

chapters read: 96

video lectures watched: 41

total pages read: 4,500+

episodes of the good wife watched: 156

papers written: 20

total pages written: 124

presentations: 4

live demonstrations: 1

cups of coffee consumed: 187 (round about)

lunch dates with friends: 25

trips to the zoo: 4

free shirts obtained: 4

classes taken: 5

internship interviews: 1

length of classes in hours: 3

hours of internship: 272

walks around campus: 56

starbucks giftcards won: 1

days where i did nothing school related: 6

semesters remaining: 3 (I am doing a summer semester to make my last spring semester lighter!)

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