Wednesday, May 17, 2017

year four.


can you believe that we just lived our FOURTH year of married life? i know i say this every year but at times i feel as if i've never known another way of life than being with you, and at times i still marvel at the fact that it feels like we just embarked on this journey.

this year was my favorite because even though grad school took a lot of our free time away, i feel like the time we did get to spend together meant that much more. we spent more time exploring because we didn't know when our next chance at free time would come.

this year was full of hiking, eno adventures, and day trips to the coast. traveling for Christmas and accidentally spending $27 on gummy bears and gummy penguins. accidentally loading $81 on our dunkin donuts card. you finding "a WHOLE sand dollar" on the beach. discovering a coffee shop that "has no theme". tons of trips to the zoo because season passes rock. tons of adventures that almost compare to the time you almost got arrested at the national zoo. ;)

and now here we are, entering into our #fifthyearofmarriage and you, entering into your thirty second year of life. a little older, a little wiser, with more adventures under our belt. 

the day we met was the beginning of a lifetime of adventures. & i've heard that's the best gift you can get! ;) so here's to us. here's to making new adventures in year five. here's to reliving old adventures as we look back on memories. here's to whatever we may face, as long as we face it together. 

here's to being us, authentically.

love, Robyn

"i love [him], and that's the beginning and end of everything."

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