Friday, June 09, 2017

anniversary trip | New Jersey, Delaware, & Maryland

we drove instead of flying for our trip to Philadelphia, so we got to see a few other spots on our way up and our way down. i wanted to visit Delaware because it is a state that we have never been to. on my 30 by 30 list, i put that i wanted to visit 3 new states before 30, and Delaware was the third one!

New Jersey - Princeton
we wanted to see the campus of Princeton since we were only an hour away at the hotel we stayed at. it was raining so we didn't explore too much but we walked around the quad and the graveyard a few blocks from campus. we ate dinner at Princeton Pi and got some coffee at small world coffee - both great choices!

Delaware - New Castle
did you know that Delaware was the first state? and New Castle was the first capital?! so it is a historic little city that has great old buildings and cobblestone roads. it has a nice little pier where you can see the Delaware Memorial Bridge and it is a cool view! 

Maryland - Chesapeake Bay
we drove across the Chesapeake Bay on the way to Philadelphia and on the way home. it is a long bridge and we found Sandy Point State Park was a cool place to stop and see the bay and the bridge. there were some ducks hanging out at the park so we fed them some popcorn and sunk our feet into the soft orange sand. :) this was one of my favorite stops that we made on our trip! 

Maryland - Annapolis
Annapolis is actually the capital of Maryland but it's just a cute little town and we had so much fun walking around and taking photos of the cute buildings. on the way back home we stopped here & Thomas got a crab cake from Chick and Ruth's Delly that he said was amazing! the United States Naval Academy is also here so we got to see that as well - it is huge! (you can see it in the last photo)

what is your favorite part of road trips?

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