Friday, June 23, 2017

one year later

one year ago today i was getting ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime. that probably makes it sound a lot cooler than it was. ;) but to me, moving to a new city for grad school in order to change careers was like opening up an entire new world for me. and honestly, that's what it has felt like this past year, a whole new world. (cue Pocahontas song)

last year on June 23, i worked my last day as a corporate accountant. i quit my job to move to a new city and pursue a masters in social work. there were months of decision and confirmation that led up to that day. and also months of challenges and struggles within that environment - that made me really enjoy the day that i could say i was leaving. 

and now it is one year later. it has been a year of grand adventures. one year later, i feel lighter. i feel like me again. i have no doubt in my mind that this is the journey i am supposed to be on. even though grad school and my internships are super busy, challenging, and stressful... it feels like i'm home. and it's the best and most secure feeling in the world. even though i still have another year left, another internship, tougher classes, and looking for a job ahead of me... i already feel at home.

last year i wrote a letter to my future self a few weeks after finding out the journey to grad school was happening. and even though i wrote it to the me in 10 years, the me of this year enjoyed reading back through it. it was full of excitement, hopes, and also unknowns. i still feel the way i did when i wrote that letter, and i'm glad to see this year didn't change that.

this new adventure is everything i ever wanted, and so much more than i thought it could be. i'm a sentimental person that has "anniversaries" for everything, so i didn't want the day to pass without acknowledging what this year has been. it has been a year of changes, a year of growing, a year of sweating to death in this humidity, a year of new connections, a lot of lasts and a lot of firsts, a year of discovery, a year of settling in, a year of learning, a year of experiences, a year i wish would last a bit longer, and a year i would never take back.

so here's to another year of changes, another year of firsts and lasts, a year of no free saturdays, a year of 12 hour shifts, another year of challenges and growth. here's to looking back on June 23, 2018 and hopefully feeling this same way, working as a licensed medical social worker, and looking at all of this from a home that's my own. ;) and even if life a year from now doesn't look the way i think it will now, here's to enjoying every minute of it!

what are your hopes and dreams for this next year of your life?

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