Friday, June 02, 2017

project 12 | May

i love having my years captured month by month and plan to keep up with project 12 this year as i can. it's fun to look back on the details of our year at the end of it, as well as seeing how we change through the photos each month. :)


i took the first week of the month "off" so i only had to do stuff for one job and hunt down some paperwork and vaccinations for my upcoming internship. i finally got all of the training and prerequisites done and the hospital has cleared me! yay! my sister and nephew did come down that week for a surprise visit to the zoo so that was fun! we are going to miss living so close to the zoo!

Thomas and i took a mini weekend trip for our anniversary to Philadelphia! Thomas has never been so he wanted to see the liberty bell & historical parts of the city! we also got to meet up with Julie for lunch which was super awesome! we explored a little bit around Princeton in NJ and New Castle & Wilmington in DE. we are trying to slowly visit states we have never been to before! i put on my 30 by 30 list for us to visit 3 new states and Delaware was our third new state!

my saturday class started May 20th, so i will now have saturday classes until i graduate in May 2018. i started my second job also and it's a lot of what i was doing when i interned but some new stuff too! thankfully it is a part time job, so i was able to get Mondays off and still have a weekend even though my saturday is taken up. i was originally going to have Tuesday off instead of Monday but after the first few classes i am really glad i switched to having Mondays off cause it allows me to have some time to get my life together before the new work week starts! so, i am officially in two accelerated grad school classes and working two jobs over the summer... it is going to be a lot, especially with packing and moving again at the end of July!

Thomas had memorial day off at work, so we took a quick 2 day trip to the mountains for our weekend. it is getting hot down here in the armpit already, so we wanted to be able to get outside in the cooler mountain air. we just hiked and explored and enjoyed a weekend of rest. we were on the go the entire time of our anniversary trip to Philadelphia because we wanted to see a lot. so it was time for a slower paced trip. :) we even got to meet a pig that was enjoying some ice cream at Kilwins!

May 3 - day at the zoo with my sister & nephew
May 6 - mother's day & family birthdays for both families
May 7 - Fireflies game & met Tim Tebow!
May 8 - i started my second summer job
May 11 - drove to NC after work to break up the drive to PA
May 12 - breakfast with my friend in NC & drove to PA
May 13 - met Julie for lunch, explored Philadelphia & Princeton
May 14 - hung out in Philadelphia all day
May 15 - stopped by New Castle, DE and the Chesapeake Bay on the way home
May 17 - Thomas's birthday & our 4th anniversary - drove to my parents' for the night
May 18 - Thomas worked at the home office & then we drove back home after work
May 20 - my saturday class for the summer started (boooo no more free saturdays)
May 26 - i attended/presented at a child advocacy meeting for work
May 28-29 - overnight trip to the mountains for Thomas's extended weekend
May 30 - yoga class at work after hours :)

what have you been up to this past month?

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