Monday, June 12, 2017

the seasons.

summer is not my favorite season, mainly because it gets really hot and humid, and i am very hot natured. we've had a lot of spring weather this year because the winter was mild, so i have enjoyed spring for longer than normal. but that summer heat and humidity is coming. however, it got me to thinking about the changing of seasons and i'm learning to appreciate each season for what it is.

it does no good to wish the seasons not to change, for they must. rather, i should enjoy them while they last and let them teach me what they will.


whatever it may be. for the next season is right around the corner and anticipation makes it all the sweeter. summer teaches me endurance to get through the months of heat. spring and fall teach me to savor the wonderful weather and appreciate it while it lasts. winter teaches me patience as i live through the dark and ice anticipating the perfect spring days full of sunshine.

with the passing of seasons also comes the passing of time. the passing of life. and i would never want to wish the time away. so i'm taking the seasons as they come, for what they are. not wishing them to be anything other than what they were meant to be. unfortunately summer was meant to be hot, but even through these miserable days... i am living life and each day is an opportunity to learn something new.

what is your favorite season? what do you love about it?

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