Monday, June 19, 2017

the thing about change

changes are healthy and good and exciting. they are inevitable and part of life. with change comes beginnings, but with change also comes endings. 

it seems when we are saying hello to something we are also saying goodbye to something else. the happy balances out the sadness, but i think it is also okay to be sad when something is ending. 

all emotions are meant to be felt. emotions help us to remember we are alive. the sad times make the good times feel that much better. we wouldn't have happy if we didn't have sad. 

have you ever thought of that? we can't know happy if we have never known sad. otherwise, we would only know happy and it would just be what is. it wouldn't feel like it does, because it's all we would have ever felt. emotions help us to put things in perspective.

i heard this quote the other day "hard is not relative, hard is hard" and it's so true. maybe someone else is grieving their closed door differently than you are. maybe their door was slammed shut while yours was just gently closed.

but it doesn't matter. not really. we're told not to compare our joy to others, but we also shouldn't compare our sadness. just because someone else may be facing a different kind of sad than you, doesn't cancel out the fact that you are facing something sad. if we need to cry, we should be able to cry and not have someone tell us that someone else has it worse. we know that, and someone else will always have it worse. but we are still struggling in this moment. everyone grieves and processes life differently.

you've undoubtedly heard "when one door closes, another door opens" followed by "don't dwell on the door that closed" and that is true also, we shouldn't dwell on what was. but we should allow ourselves to feel everything that comes with that door closing. not stay there, but just for a time feel all the emotions that come with the change and then move on.

that's the thing about change, it is mega hard which is why we resist it so much. but the thing about change is that it is necessary, it's how we grow.

do you enjoy change or try to avoid it?

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