Monday, July 10, 2017

writing | life lessons

not everyone will be your friend
broken hearts need time to mend
your first chance won't be your last
but the time, it goes too fast

every action i make, i must own
one day we all have to leave home
i'm not the only one growing old
but it all ends well, or so i'm told

forgive and forgive once more
don't close too many doors
travel the world while you can
don't wait around for a man

it's better to say no
than to let frustrations grow
but say yes to that perfect guy
and let your heart touch the sky

give yourself time to grieve
leave if you need to leave
always keep your best friends close
cause they're the ones you need the most

these are the things life teaches me
through teary eyes and bloody knees
through days filled with laughter and grins
through losses and also through wins

yet every scar i have today
has furthered me along the way
to help me grow into me
a fierce lion, a majestic sea

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

engagement session | Emily & Josh

my friend who i met through the graduate program got engaged recently & she asked me if i would do their engagement photos. i was excited and also a little bit nervous because i had never done engagement photos before. the school we go to has a gorgeous campus so we met on campus one night and took photos all around the horseshoe, which is this big grassy area with gorgeous trees. 

i also decided to get crafty & i painted peg dolls for them as a wedding gift and to use in the photoshoot. i am so obsessed with these little peg dolls because they came out super adorable! we got to feature them in the photoshoot and i think it added a nice touch! these two were a super fun couple to photograph and i think they were tired from smiling & laughing so much by the end - which means it was a good time! i think their photos came out so darling & i loved editing this session!

Monday, July 03, 2017

project 12 | June

i love having my years captured month by month and plan to keep up with project 12 this year as i can. it's fun to look back on the details of our year at the end of it, as well as seeing how we change through the photos each month. :)


we started packing up our apartment so we don't have it all to do in July since that month is going to be craaaazy busy. i have packed up a lot of my clothes and my entire craft/desk/rabbit room so at least i'm getting some headway. it is nice to have some of the packing done, but also a bit annoying when you are trying to find something that was already put in a box. ;) we will have most of our things in storage while we live with my in-laws and look for a house towards the end of my grad program... so i guess i should get used to living out of boxes, huh?!

my second summer class started this month and it's going to be a lot of work in a little amount of time. it is an accelerated 7-week course that meets twice a week, but luckily it is online so i am still able to work! things are about to get crazy though, because i have sooooo much due in July for both classes plus my 2 jobs, packing & moving! but it will pay off, because getting these 2 classes done during the summer means i will only have 2 classes in the spring so i can free up some time to study for licensure! at least i keep telling myself that it will be worth it, right now i'm not so sure! ;)

we were on-the-go every weekend in May & unfortunately June weekends were like that too. by the end of the first week this month i was just wiped out and a huge stress ball thinking of how much i had to do but also how much i really, really just wanted to rest. i took a week off of social media because i was feeling overwhelmed by everything i have to keep up with for my life plus the clients i work with at my summer job... i just couldn't take anything else in for a while. i actually stayed off of everything for the rest of the month except instagram because it's a creative outlet for me.  i needed some white space and to drown out some of the "noise" in the world with our fast pace of life. i may take more breaks in the future, because especially being in a helping profession now, "unplugging" is part of self-care and a way to help me reset and refocus. i think that when society and technology changes, the things we need do too and i've learned this is something that i just need every once in a while.

June 3-4 - my in-laws came to visit for the weekend after i got out of class
June 6 - yoga class at work
June 9 - we went to see Lion King Broadway (tickets were our anniversary gift)! it was amazing!
June 11 - Thomas & i worked a food drive for my summer job
June 17 - spent the day packing boxes to drive to storage
June 18 - we drove up and celebrated Father's Day with both families
June 20 - yoga class at work
June 22 - we drove up for my dentist appointment & signed papers for our storage unit
June 24-25 - drove up after class to help move furniture out of our new room & stayed the night
June 26 - my second summer class started (it meets 2 times per week)
June 29 - i took engagement photos for a friend!
June 30 - my sister-in-laws family came to stay with us for the night

what have you been up to this month? has it been a slow month or a busy month?