Monday, July 10, 2017

writing | life lessons

not everyone will be your friend
broken hearts need time to mend
your first chance won't be your last
but the time, it goes too fast

every action i make, i must own
one day we all have to leave home
i'm not the only one growing old
but it all ends well, or so i'm told

forgive and forgive once more
don't close too many doors
travel the world while you can
don't wait around for a man

it's better to say no
than to let frustrations grow
but say yes to that perfect guy
and let your heart touch the sky

give yourself time to grieve
leave if you need to leave
always keep your best friends close
cause they're the ones you need the most

these are the things life teaches me
through teary eyes and bloody knees
through days filled with laughter and grins
through losses and also through wins

yet every scar i have today
has furthered me along the way
to help me grow into me
a fierce lion, a majestic sea

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