Wednesday, August 23, 2017

birthday by the numbers

today i turn 29. yikes! that is a little too close to 30 for comfort! ;) i did a birthday by the numbers post a few years ago and wanted to bring it back this year cause i love looking at numbers! numbers seem to shed a different light on the story and give a frame of reference. at least, since i am a numbers person, that's what they do for me!

tomorrow i begin my 29th year of life. it is crazy to think that i have only been on this earth for almost 30 years, because it feels like forever to me! ;) of course, that's because this life is all i've ever known!

i just started my 3rd semester of grad school (4th if you count the summer semester) - which means i am about 66% done with the program!

Thomas and i have been married for 1,559 days, which is about 4 1/2 years. it doesn't feel like we should already be approaching our 5th anniversary, time needs to slow down!

i have published 382 blog posts since i created this blog. i haven't been blogging as often this past year because grad school has taken priority, but i still love coming here to document memories or process through life. i also love reading back through some of my favorite posts every now & then! ;)

i have worked 3 of my 12 hour shifts for my internship so far. they go by pretty fast which i am thankful for, but the fact that i am in the ER probably has something to do with that! ;) i am loving it & can't wait to see what this year brings!

i have been doing project 12 for 4 years now, and i love having our memories captured for each month of the year. it is fun to look back through & see how much we have done, as well as how much we have changed through the photos. 

i have written 373 pages for grad school so far, and that number will most likely double by the time i am finished with this masters program. which is completely crazy to me... i could've written a novel!

we lived in our new city for 13 months before moving back home to finish the last half of the graduate program. although it was only a little over a year, that city began to feel like home.

i have fed too many animals to count at interactive zoos that we find! ;)

what are some significant numbers to you this month?

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