Friday, August 04, 2017

goodbye apartment life

i don't think i've ever actually posted photos of our apartment on the blog because grad school started shortly after we got settled in and it was hit the ground running. so i figure since we just moved out, now is a good time! these are photos from right when we moved in so things weren't completely set up (ex: most of these photos were taken before we put up curtains), but they were close. i'm glad i took these because i love having photos to remember places by! (although they were taken with a wide angle phone lens so they look like i lived in a fishbowl & the lighting in the apartment was horrible! but they're all i have!) you can also check out the photos of our first house here!

this was the patio off the back side of our apartment. the stains were included for free! ;)

things i will miss about apartment life:
o1; our apartment was bigger than our first house so i will miss having all the space! we will be living with my in-laws for a little while before we buy another house, so we are going from a 3 bedroom apartment to 1 room in the interim.

o2; not having to do yardwork or fix things when they break! holla!

o3; no steps! we were so lucky to be able to have a first floor apartment and it was very nice, especially since our basset has back issues. at the in-laws there are steep steps going into the basement where the bunnies will be staying, so i'll be walking up those every day! but at least they are indoors!

o4; the sunroom! i did a lot of my reading for school in our big comfy chair in the sunroom that was right next to the windows so the natural light was great!

o5; two bathrooms! in our old house we had to share a bathroom, and we will once again be sharing one at my in-laws... but it was so nice to have two sinks, two showers, and two toilets at the apartment!

things i will (most definitely) not miss about apartment life:
o1; all of the stomping and jumping our upstairs neighbors did for hours on end almost every day. (thankfully they moved out at the beginning of the same month we moved out so we did have a peaceful few weeks at the end there!)

o2; never being able to find a parking spot, which is really fun when you've got car full of groceries and there is a monsoon.

o3; having to pick up our dog's poop from the yard. and almost stepping in the piles our courteous neighbors left lying around our patio because they don't follow the rules. 

o4; our internet that couldn't reach through the steel walls of our apartment to the living room.

o5; random fire alarms going off at very inopportune times, and everyone has to vacate the building and wait for the fire department. #neighborbonding








have you ever lived in an apartment? what were your favorite & least favorite moments?

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