Monday, August 14, 2017

grad school by the numbers | volume 3

i have been compiling a list of numbers from each semester of grad school (semester 1 & semester 2), so i figured i would keep the trend up for this past summer semester as well. i only took 2 classes and was not in an internship, so it was quite a lighter load than the past two semesters have been school wise. however, i was working two jobs and the summer classes were a little more intense because they were a shorter duration. one class was 12 weeks and one was 7 weeks, so they are more accelerated than the normal semester classes. it wasn't as crazy as a full semester, but once the second class started it was pretty close with both of my jobs & moving going full force!

this summer class was the first class i had exams in, as all of my other classes have had papers and presentations as our big projects. however, the exams in this class were essay exams and they were basically like writing a really long paper in a short amount of time. for instance, my midterm was 10 questions and i ended up writing 22 pages (all papers are double-spaced) for the exam. my final was 10 questions and i ended up writing 29 pages. so, for this reason i've included them in the count for the total pages written.

my Saturday class ended on August 5, and my online class ended on August 10 so i just finished up with both classes, and today i am starting my block week for my internship for the Fall semester & classes start next week. so there is really no break between summer classes and the Fall semester which is a bummer, but i am excited for this next semester!

grad school by the numbers | volume 3

semesters completed: 3 of 5

days of saturday classes: 11

articles read: 31

chapters read: 33

video lectures watched: 22

total pages read: 802

hours of work: 251

papers written: 5

total pages written: 96

presentations: 1

exams taken: 2

cups of coffee consumed: 124

classes taken: 2

length of classes in hours: 3.5

hours of internship: 0

walks around campus: 11

semesters remaining: 2

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