Tuesday, September 19, 2017

sensory devotional for the mountains

we are so close to fall which means that it is time to head to the mountains! i love the crispness in the air and the gorgeous views around every bend. there is just something about escaping to the mountains and having slow mornings on the porch of a cabin that has a serenity to it. i always love to have a devotional when i go to the mountains for vacation, so i can really take advantage of those quiet mornings in nature and have a focused quiet time. 

Cathy Baker is releasing a week-long sensory devotional for the mountains & it is the perfect addition to a mountain vacation! the sensory part of the devotional really goes well with the quiet mornings in the mountains because you can really experience God's creation in a new way! 

i don't know when we will be taking our next week long mountain vacation, since i am buried in grad school right now. :) but we currently live with my in-laws (kinda like a family vacation?!) and their front porch has a view of the mountains... so i didn't have to wait to dig into this devotional and pretend i was deep in the mountains! 

each devotion starts and ends with a short prayer to help your heart and mind focus on scripture and the Lord's presence. this simple notion really helps me to be still and quiet my mind down by putting all of the demands of the day away for the moment. 

each devotion also has simple actions you can do to really involve your senses and it is amazing how one simple act can really transform the way you experience the study. something as simple as lifting my hands just has a more intimate affect and helps me to connect deeper to the Lord. 

i really enjoyed this devotional (and pretending i was deep in the mountains) and plan on taking this with me on each future week-long trip i take to the mountains. each trip and location is so unique that there is more to discover through the sensory elements encompassed in this study each time!

if you would like to order this devotional for your next mountain vacation, it is available on Kindle starting today! you can get to it by clicking here

what is your favorite part of a trip to the mountains?

p.s. if the mountains are not your thing, Cathy also has a sensory devotional for the beach that you can get on kindle also!

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